Testing 123


Peer-Editing-Worksheet- Final Quiz-Exam Review

Prepositions Location-Direction Explanation

Common Verb + Preposition Reference List: 

Common Adjective + Preposition Reference List:

Common Verb/Adjective + Preposition Reference List (Complete): 

Verb-Adjective + Preposition Combinations

Sentence Structure Explanation- CORRECTIONS

You will have to write an essay of at least 175 words choosing from 1 of the 5 essay types we covered this semester:

  1. “All About Me” (Autobiography)
  2. Narrative Essay
  3. Descriptive Essay
  4. Compare/Contrast Essay
  5. Classification Essay

Also, during the week of December 6- December 13 you will complete a take-home grammar quiz (click here: Quiz #2 EN031 Fall Semester 2011) based on the grammar we covered the second half of the semester.  The quiz will cover the following grammar topics:

  1. Parallel/Consistent Writing
  2. Articles (“the” vs. “a” vs. “nothing”)
  3. Word forms (noun, verb, adjective, adverb forms of the same word base/root)
  4. Comparatives/Superlatives
  5. Sentence fragments
  6. Run-on sentences
  7. Comma splices
  8. Transition words for comparing-contrasting
  9. Verb-Adjective + preposition combinations

You can bring the following things with you to the final exam:

  1. English dictionaries (or you can use online versions)
  2. Bilingual dictionaries, book or electronic form (do NOT use Google Translate)
  3. Any essays, worksheets, reference sheets, homework, etc. that you’ve completed in this class
  4. References from my website
  5. The class textbook
  6. NOTE: You can type the final exam in Microsoft Word (preferred).  If you don’t type, I will print out a few extra copies of the exam for you to write on.
  7. ALSO NOTE: You will NOT be allowed to use Google Translate in any way, shape, or form.  If you do this, you will automatically fail the course and not advance a level.

1. Finish the final draft of your compare/contrast essay and email to me by no later than Thursday, December 1, at midnight.

2. Read and complete textbook pgs. 217-224, Exercises 32, 33, 35, & 37 on sentence structure: there + be, sentence fragments, run-on sentences, comma splices, and subject-verb agreement that we started in class.  PLEASE COMPLETE ON A SEPARATE SHEET OF PAPER (I will COLLECT it in class next Tuesday).

3. Choose a topic to classify based on one of your choice and write a 6-paragraph classification essay (with 4 categories of classification) on this topic.  Your essay can be funny and opinionated like the essay we read in class, “A Reading Wasteland” pgs. 135-136, or it can be more serious, scientific, and factual.  NOTE: You don’t have to do a 4-Square, but if you would like to complete one to help you or if you want my feedback before you write the essay, please feel free to do so.  Please email me the first draft of your essay by no later than Sunday at midnight, 12/4/11.


Sentence Structure Explanation

Sentence Structure Explanation- CORRECTIONS

Classification Writing Explanation

1.  Email me the final draft of your compare/contrast essays by Friday 11/25 at midnight.  Make sure you add and highlight in your essay: the compare/contrast transition words we reviewed in class (in Transition Word List- Compare-Contraston my website), comparatives, superlatives, and correlative conjunctions. Also update your introduction, thesis statement, and conclusion to be modeled after what we did in class, from document Essay Format Explanation- Compare-Contrast

  Complete the 10 sentences from Word Forms Chart Activity- Completedusing different word forms correctly and email to me (due before next class).

3.  Read Sentence Structure Explanation about sentence fragments, run-on sentences, and comma splices.

4.  Complete textbook, Exercise 11 pg. 125.


Word Forms Chart Activity- Completed!

Four Square Writing- Compare-Contrast

Essay Format Explanation- Compare-Contrast

Transition Word List- Compare-Contrast

Comparative-Superlative Explanation 

Sentence Structure Explanation

Topic Week 11: Elements of Compare and Contrast Writing

1.  Make final corrections to your descriptive essays and email your final draft to me by Friday 11/18 at midnight.  Do NOT forget to HIGHLIGHT or UNDERLINE at least 8 descriptive adjectives used in your essay.

2.  Read textbook pgs. 113-114 and complete Exercise 1.  (Please refer to the Word Forms Chart Activity- Completed for more information.  We will review this in class next Tuesday).

3.  Choose two things that you want to compare.  For people who had me last semester: please do NOT write the topic of men vs. women again.  For the rest, you can choose the topic of men vs. women, or if you prefer a different topic, please email me your topic and I will approve it. After you have chosen your topic for your compare/contrast essay, please complete a Four Square Writing-Compare and Contrast.  PLEASE ERASE my examples- do NOT copy.  You can choose the amount of similarities and differences (for example, write 2 paragraphs about differences and two about similarities, or 1 about differences and 3 about similarities, or whatever you want).  Please email me your 4-Square so I can approve it by Friday 11/18 at midnight.  Remember, each paragraph should include only ONE POINT OF COMPARISON between the two things and discuss ONLY DIFFERENCES or ONLY SIMILARITIES within the paragraph.

4.  After I have approved your 4-Square, write the first draft of your compare/contrast essay by Monday 11/21 at midnight, including an introduction, 3-4 body paragraphs with some combination of both similarities and differences, and a conclusion.  I will be looking for the following correct use of grammar in your writing: 1) Parallel/Consistency, 2) Articles. 3) Count/Noncount nouns, and 4) Compare/Contrast transition words (click here: Transition Word List-Compare-Contrast)


Parallel & Consistent Writing Explanation

Parts of Speech Chart

Articles Explanation

Using A and The Fill in the Blanks

Four Square Writing- Compare and Contrast

Transition Word List-Compare-Contrast

1.  After you get the corrections to your body paragraphs, please add the introduction and the conclusion to the essay (at the beginning and the end).  Please EMAIL ME the first draft of the whole essay BY FRIDAY, 11/11 AT MIDNIGHT.

To refresh your memory about essay writing, feel free to click on these documents that I emailed you recently:

Essay Format Explanation              Model Essay (Descriptive)- Complete

2.  Please read the following document for an overview of count/noncount nouns.  The rows highlighted in bluish green are what you should focus on for this week: Parts of Speech Chart

3. Please read the following document, “Articles Explanation.”

4. Print out and complete “Using A and The Fill in the Blanks.”  I will COLLECT this in class next Tuesday 11/15