1. Complete “Getting to Know You Questionnaire” (printed out paper version- GIVE to me in class by 9/13):

Getting to Know You Questionaire- Adults ESL Writing- No Essay

2.  Revise your “All About Me” Essay based on your partner’s corrections and the corrections I email to you by Thursday, 9/8/11.  CHECK YOUR EMAIL BY THURSDAY 9/8 AT 11:30 PM- THE CORRECTIONS WILL BE FINISHED AND EMAILED TO YOU.  Please EMAIL me the corrected essay before class on 9/13/11.

3.  TOPIC 1: INTRODUCING THE PARAGRAPH:  Please read the textbook, “Developing Composition Skills” pgs. 6-12 (Chapter 1) and complete the following:

  • Exercise 3 #1-5 (pg. 7)
  • Exercise 4 #1-5 (pg. 8))
  • Exercise 5 #1-3 (pgs. 8-9)
  • Exercise 6 #1-2 (pg. 10)
  • Exercise 7 (pg. 11)
  • Exercise 8 #1-3 (pgs. 11-12)


Interview Classmates Chart- Icebreaker

Please click on the following document, read the instructions, and complete the writing assignment.  It must be typed and printed out by next class (Tuesday, 9/6/11):

All About Me Writing Assessment- Adults

I am looking forward to this class immensely!  You will use this website primarily to access assignments, updates, homework, class activities, documents, links, videos, sound clips, and make comments.

The “ECC” page reports assignments of the day, updates, and homework, while the “Downloadable Documents” and “Learning Links” pages contain general class documents and/or website links that can be used repeatedly.  I will sometimes refer you to the “Documents” or “Links” pages in an “ECC” page update.

I am hoping this website will make  your English learning experience easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable.  Please click on the documents below to open the documents we will use in Weeks 1-2:

Course Syllabus- Academic Writing EN031 Hybrid- Fall 2011