Grade 10 (English 2)

The final exam will cover the following topics about “Macbeth:”
  • Plot
  • Character Analysis
  • Literary Elements in the context of the play, especially dramatic irony, irony, foreshadowing, imagery, and symbolism
  • Major Themes
  • Major themes to think about:
  1. Downfall and Corruption:
    1. The downfall of a person
    2. The corrupting power of unchecked ambition
    3. The downfall of natural order
  2. Power, Quest for Power, Ambition, and Corruption:
    1. Kingship, loyalty, and tyranny
    2. Political legitimacy
    3. Moral authority
    4. The corrupting power of unchecked ambition
    5. Morality and power
  3. Destiny vs. Free Will: The role of destiny, fortune/luck, and free will in controlling life outcomes.  Which have more sway/power in the play?  How do they interact with each other?  What is the relationship between them?
  4. Gender Roles:
    1. The reversing of/irony of gender roles
    2. Defeminization and demasculinization
    3. The relationship between gender and power
    4. The relationship between gender, power, and cruelty
  5. Deception/Hypocrisy: The effect of lying, deception, and hypocrisy on the outcome of an individual, group, or nation.
  6. Good vs. Evil: The interplay between what is considered “good” and what is considered “evil” and how they can shift and waver depending on the time, place, situation, and person.

It will be composed of the following:

  • Multiple choice (30 questions)- I changed this and took away the short answer questions because I wanted to give you more time to work on your written response.
  • Written Response: Write a paragraph response about about “Macbeth” relating it to the characters, major themes, and/or literary elements of the rest of the play (choice of 3 topics).

NOTE: You can NOT use your cell phone, tablet, book, or Kindle during this exam.  You are only allowed to use dictionaries and thesaurus provided by the school.  PLEASE REMEMBER TO RETURN YOUR BOOK AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS!

  • Study for a highly probable quiz on “Macbeth” Act 4 (all scenes).
  • Finish reading “Macbeth” Act 3, Scene 4, and be prepared for a quiz on Act 3, Scenes 1-4.
  • Write a paragraph answering the following question (this topic is also available on your Act 2 comprehension questions document): Who was more responsible for the murder of King Duncan: Macbeth or Lady Macbeth?  Argue your position using examples and quotations from the play.  Use the proper paragraph format that we’ve done in this class since January.
  • Read “Macbeth” Act 1, Scene 7 and be prepared for a quiz.
  • We may or may not reread and decipher it in class, therefore make sure you understand the main idea.
  • Read “Macbeth” Act 1, Scene 4 and complete the comprehension questions for that scene.