Grade 12 (Journalism)

  • Finish the first draft of ALL your Caribbean Chronicle Assignments for the 6th issue and EMAIL me EVERYTHING before next Tuesday morning (assignments outlined in the post below).
  • Read the posting below about deadlines (specifically, the final draft of your creative writing assignment and the first draft of your Caribbean Chronicle Assignments).  These will all be due on Friday, January 11th after we return from break.
  • If I were you, I would ration my time so that I am not waiting until the last minute!
  • Make sure the FINAL DRAFT of your creative short story, narrative, or poem is completed by the end of class on Tuesday, December 11.  (I will edit it with you in class on that day).
  • Final Caribbean Chronicle publishing date:  THURSDAY, JANUARY 31 
  • Student Newspaper Assignments- Third Issue

Timeline / Due Dates: 

  • Student completes the final draft of the creative writing story (all should be typed, printed out, and double-spaced): Friday, January 11th (BEGINNING OF CLASS)
  • Student completes first draft of all assignments AND submissions (most should be typed, printed out, and double-spaced): Friday, January 11th (END OF CLASS)
  • Teacher returns corrected draft to student: Tuesday, January 15th
  • Student emails final draft to teacher: Thursday, January 17th (END OF CLASS)
  • The whole class puts together the final drafts in “Pages” in the computer lab: Monday, January 21st to Friday, the 25th
  • Teacher edits final “Pages” draft of Caribbean Chronicle: Tuesday, January 29th
  • Print/circulation of Caribbean Chronicle: Thursday, January 31st


  • Please email me the FINAL DRAFT of ALL your teacher-corrected Caribbean Chronicle articles/ documents to me with the accompanying photos to my First Class email (amy . lingenfelter @ ciplc . org) by the beginning of class on Monday, 12-3-12.
  • Email format: “Name- Type of Article” in the subject line
  • Please include the FINAL DRAFT of the article AND the accompanying photo in the same email!
  • Complete first draft of ALL your Caribbean Chronicle assignments AND submissions (most should be typed, printed out, and double-spaced, ready to hand in).