Documentary: "Shopping Socialist"

FINAL PRESENTATION AND RESEARCH PROJECT: All Due and Presented on Wednesday, June 5, 2013

HW: Due 5-22-13

  • Complete your particular country assignments for your Regime Change Comparison Chart (shown in the post below), TYPED, and PRINTED OUT, READY TO HAND IN TO ME BY THE BEGINNING OF CLASS!

Country Comparison Chart: Regime Transitions

HW: Due 5-20-13

  • Write a paragraph explaining which current international “pole” you think the world exists: unipolar, bipolar, tripolar, and multipolar.  Explain in detail strong reasons, evidence, details, and examples to support your arguments. (Explanation of pole can be found on pg. 455).

HW: Due 5-16-13

  • Write a (at minimum) one-page written response based on the “Think and Discuss” on page 451, but write only about 1) the United States and 2) Venezuela.  It should also reference everything you read in pgs. 443-451.
  • One paragraph should be about the USA; the second should be about Venezuela.

Test Review: UNIT 6: Political Systems and Their Rules

  • Country Comparison Chart- Political Systems and Regimes- Complete
  • Country Comparison Chart- Levels of Government- Complete2
    • What is the difference between shared and reserved powers?
    • What are 4 aspects of a true democracy?
    • What is the difference between the Westminster model of democracy and the European model?
    • What are the 3 aspects/features of an authoritarian government?
    • What are the 3 aspects/features of a totalitarianism government?
    • What distinguishes totalitarianism from authoritarianism?
    • What distinguishes fascism from authoritarianism and/or totalitarianism?
    • What is the difference between a majoritarianism and consensus democracy?
    • What is the difference between a unitary and federal system?
    • In which countries have devolution occurred?  
    • Describe the relationship between religion and the constitution in Iran?

HW: Due 5-10-13

  • Start studying for your test on Friday.

HW: Due 5-6-13

HW: Due 5-2-13

  • Complete a Country Comparison Chart- Levels of Government for UK, France, Germany, and India which we read about in class.  (It is indicated on there which countries you need to do with categories).  It should be TYPED and PRINTED OUT BEFORE CLASS or I will NOT accept it.

HW: Due 4-29-13

  • Complete the ENTIRE CHART for each country’s constitution using the chart template below to receive full credit for this assignment.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

HW: Due 4-25-13

  • Complete your assignments for the Comparison Chart on Constitutions in the post below.
  •  There should be 4 categories that we discussed and completed in class; it is your responsibility to think of AT LEAST ONE MORE category of comparison.
  • Each person is assigned 5 countries and should finish ALL categories for each country, requiring a total of 25 boxes that should be thoroughly filled.

Country Comparison Chart: Constitutions

ONLINE LEARNING: Due by 9 pm tonight, 4-16-13

  • You were supposed to use this day to work on and research your research paper, so please research and send me online links to at least 4 sources explaining an electoral event in your chosen country that you have used for your research paper.  You must also provide at least 2 online sources covering the Venezuelan 2013 elections.  I want to verify the validity of these sources before you complete your paper.  Remember, you must use at least 6 sources, NOT including your textbook.
  • Now that we know what is happening with the Venezuelan elections, you might want to focus on comparing an election in your chosen country that was allegedly fraudulent, and the citizen/government/political response to these elections.
  • Please complete a “Compare and Contrast 4-Square Worksheet” for your essay.  This document is available in the previous post (read below).
  •  Please email me the 4-Square Worksheet AND the research links in the SAME EMAIL to my First Class email: amy . lingenfelter @ ciplc . org.
  • Hopefully I will see you tomorrow!

Assignment: Compare/Contrast Elections, Political Systems, and Regimes

HW: Due 4-12-13

Elections in Iran

HW: Due 4-8-12

  • Read/review pages 189-198 and be prepared for a quiz on this material of at least 8 questions.

HW: Due 4-4-13

  • Read the textbook pages 192-194 and be prepared for a quiz on it.

HW for Spring Break

  • None- enjoy your vacation!!!

Rwanda Genocide

Test on Unit 5: 3-15-13

  • Please study your Country Comparison Chart- Identity Structures- Completed
  • Study your notes and all terminology
  • Study the following concepts/topics:
    1. Forms of collective identity (national, race, ethnicity, tribe, and clan)
    2. Religion
    3. Sex/gender
    4. Class
    5. Identity divisions in the 10 countries
    6. Primordialism and constructivism
    7. Feminist theory in Iran
    8. Cross-cutting and complementary identity divisions
    9. Complementary group identities in the 10 countries
    10. Government responses to identity diversity  in the 10 countries (THIS PART WILL BE OPEN BOOK)
    11. Melting pot vs. the salad bowl.

HW: Due 3-13-13

  • Review the various opinions on the future of Venezuela that we read in class.  Then write a response paragraph answering the following questions:
    • Which article/opinion do you support the most?  Why or why not? (You can mention more than one of even all).
    • What is your prediction for the future of Venezuela (the election, next year, 5 years, etc.)?

HW: Due 3-7-13

  • Read about “Complementary Group Identities” in all 10 countries from the textbook pages 171-176 and be prepared for a quiz at the beginning of class.

HW: Due 3-5-13

  • Read “Primordialism, Constructivism, and Identity in China” pgs. 163-164.
  • Finish watching video: Twilight Zone- “Eye of the Beholder” (see post below).
  • Write a one-page response: what do you agree with more: Primorialism, or Constructivism?
    • Give at least 4 reasons and examples why
    • Reference the video you watched to support your opinion

Twilight Zone Episode: Eye of the Beholder

HW: Due 2-29-13

HW: Due 2-27-13

  • Read about the U.K. and Germany from the textbook pgs. 155-157 and SKIM those for the remaining 8 countries, and: 
    • 1.  Determine AT LEAST 4 categories of comparison between all countries.
    • 2.  Fill in the chart for the FIRST TWO countries (U.K. and Germany).

HW: Due 2-25-13

  • Write a one-page (at least) response about the “Think and Discuss” on pg. 152 in which you are asked to compare and contrast Christianity and Islam religions based on Islam’s Five Pillars.  Feel free to use the comparison chart that we completed in class as a guide.

Crash Course Video: Capitalism vs. Socialism

Crash Course Video: World Religions

HW: Due 2-19-13

  • Complete “Think and Discuss” pg. 134, but substitute America with Venezuela.   It should be one page written or typed.

HW: Due 2-13-13

  • Read pgs. 124-132 about socialization, experiences, and events in the 10 countries and record at least 3 important/main points for each country in your notebook.

HW: Due 2-7-13

  • Answer the following questions related to the movie “Motorcycle Diaries” on a separate sheet of paper:
    1. How did the protagonist change during the movie?  What prompted this change?
    2. What do you know about Cuba and Cuban history that is related to the movie and its outcome?  How do you think what was presented in this movie spurred the Cuban Revolution?
    3. Read the real biography of Che Guevara (click here).  Do you think this movie was an accurate representation of his young life and ideals?  Why or why not? (Please keep in mind that this movie is based on an actual trip that he took through South America).
    4. Name 2 ways this movie made you think differently than you had before.
    5. Name 4 ways that this movie relates to what you have learned in this class.

HW: Due 1-30-13

Country Comparison Chart- Political Culture & Ideology

HW: Due 1-28-13

HW: Due 1-24-13

  • Read about Russia, China, and Iran pgs. 117-121 and take detailed notes (at least one page per country) based on the strategies we learned in class.

HW: Due 1-22-13

  • Read about India, Mexico, Brazil, and Nigeria pgs. 111-116 and take AT LEAST ONE PAGE of notes in your notebooks on EACH country.

Winter Break Assignment

  • None- Breathe and enjoy your vacation!!!

HW: Due 12-10-12

  • None:  Breathe!

HW: Due 12-6-12

  • None- breathe!

Videos: Globalization

HW: Due 12-4-12

  • Finish open book quiz on Economic Development.

HW: Due 11-30-12

  • Finish filling in the Country Comparison Chart-Economic Development based on your notes and the textbook.
  • Study for the open book quiz Friday on Economic Development of all 10 countries, from textbook pgs. 73-87. We will review your homework (the chart) and then you will take the quiz.

HW: Due 11-28-12

  • Determine categories of comparison for economic development based on your notes.  You do not need to fill in the information in the rest of the boxes- yet- only the gray portion (major categories).
  • Click here to click open the document: Country Comparison Chart Template
  • You can create an electronic version of the document, or write in the categories (I would suggest the former due to space issues).

Economics Statistics

  • Click here to view the website for the most current worldwide economic statistics

The Resource Curse

HW: Due 11-21-12

  • Compare and contrast the modernization theory (outlined on pgs. 82-83) to the dependency theory (outlined on pg. 86).  In 2-3 paragraphs ON A SEPARATE SHEET OF PAPER, answer the following questions:
    • What are the key differences between modernization and dependency theory?
    • According to modernization theory, what social, cultural, and political changes accompany economic development?
    • According to dependency theory, what impedes economic development in LDC countries?
    • Which theory do you support?  Why?  Please reference the reading to support your opinion.

HW: Due 11-19-12

  • HW#1: Create a chart or bar graph comparing the 1) GDP per capita and 2) the GDP per capita-PPP of the 10 countries in the textbook AND Venezuela/the USA (12 countries total).  The chart can be done in MS Word or Excel.  Please use color to distinguish the 12 different countries and GDP per capita vs. GDP per capita-PPP.  If it is hand-drawn, please make sure it is as neat as possible. (You will have to do some research about Venezuela and the USA)
  • HW#2: If you didn’t complete the current events article summary for last week, make sure that is done well by next class, NO EXCEPTIONS.

HW: Due 11-13-12

  • Read about Economic Development in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, China, and India in pages 78-84.

HW: Due 11-9-12

  • Study for the quiz on Friday on “Class and Class Structure.”
  • Use documents from the previous posts as a study guide, as well as the textbook pages 62-72.

Article: Obama Wins 2012 Election

HW: Due 11-7-12

  • Please complete the “Country Comparison Chart” in the post below using your notes and the textbook to help you.

Country Comparison Chart: Class and Class Structure

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid

This can be used to compare and understand the needs of different social classes. The lower the social class, the less likely they are to have fulfilled the lower rungs of the pyramid.

HW: Due 11-5-12

  • Write a paragraph about the following topics:
    1.  Which “class” are you here in Venezuela? How do you know based on what we have learned in this class?
    2.  How does your “class” compare with the majority class in Venezuela?  How is wealth distributed to your class in this country?
    3. How does your “class” compare/contrast to the majority class and wealth distribution levels in each of the 10 countries we discussed?  Make sure to mention each country briefly.
  • (Keep in mind that when I say “majority class,” this pertains to the AMOUNT of people who belong to that class within a particular country.  When I say “wealth distribution levels” think of the “pen activity”).

HW: Due 11-1-12

  • Complete “Think and discuss” pg. your journals.  Please make sure you answer the question thoroughly.

NY Times Article: Standard of Living, Economics, and Politics

HW: Due 10-24-12

  • Read pages 67-72 about class and class structure in all 10 countries and be prepared to take a short quiz on it in class.

HW: Due 10-22-12

Watch the video about Venezuela from the October break assignment if you haven’t already and and write a paragraph answering the following questions:

  • Based on your personal experiences, do you think that the portrayal of Venezuela in the video you watched was accurate and/or biased?  Why or why not?
  • Did the election take place as you and family/friends expected?  Why or why not?
  •  What do you think of the recent Venezuelan election results?
  • What implications do the results have for Venezuela, the world, the Puerto La Cruz region in particular, your OWN life, and the conditions portrayed in the video you watched?
  • How do the conditions portrayed in the video relate to what you have learned in this class so far? Relate at least 2 conditions.
  • How does the Venezuelan election compare to what you have learned in this class so far?  Cite at least 3 things you have learned.

Links to Articles about Chavez Pre-and-Post Election


HW: Due 9-26-12

  • Complete part of the Country Comparison Chart- Regime and Government for the countries you read about and took notes on AND for ONE other country you discussed with your partner in class today that was NOT your assignment.
  • You should complete the chart for at least 3 countries.
  • You can use notes from your journal and/or the textbook to help you. 

Country Comparison Chart: Regime & Government

Video: Politics, Crime, and Poverty in Venezuela

  • The following video is a bit slanted against Venezuela, but please make note of positive comments that were made about Hugo Chavez and his regime, as well as the country itself:
  • Click here to watch

HW: Due 9-24-12

  • 1)    Finish reading your assignment section in the textbook and write an outline of the significant aspects of the regime and government about your country assignments in your journals.  Don’t write down everything, just what you consider important.  Assignments are:
    • Mexico: Luis (page 52)
    • Brazil: Andrea (page 52-53)
    • Russia/China: Jesus (pages 54-55)
    • India/Nigeria: Thomas (pages 55-57)
    • Iran: Luis/Thomas (pages 56-57)
  • 2)     Read the conclusion of Chapter 2 (pages 60-61).  Review the key terms on page 61 and write a paragraph using 10 of those key terms.  The topic of the paragraph should refer to things you learned in the chapter, but you can choose what you write.

HW: Due 9-17-12

  • Read pages 52-57 about regime and government in Mexico, Brazil, The Russian Federation, China, India, Nigera, and Iran.
  • Write TWO significant aspects of regime and government in EACH of the countries.  Please explain and use details and/or examples to support the fact that they are significant.

HW: Due 9-6-12

  • Read the textbook pages 46-51 and complete the following in your journals:
    • “Think and Discuss” pg. 48
    • Write two significant aspects of regime and government in the countries of 1) The United Kingdom, 2) Germany, and 3) France

World Maps: Territory and Population

Class Notes as of 8-27-12 & Test 8-29-12


Country Comparison Chart: Society and National Identity

Current Events Article Assignment

Syllabus and Technology Contract

Please sign and have one of your parents/guardians sign also:

Writing Assignment (Essay): "My Dream Government"

Quote Interpretation Assignment

Here is the document template you use to complete your quote interpretation assignment:

Here is the complete list of quotes to choose from.  Normally, one of these quotes will be listed on the board, but some days you can choose a quote:

All About Me Writing Assessment

Getting to Know You Questionnaire

This is due next class session:

Class Syllabus: Comparative Government

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