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“A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” Pre-Reading Assignments:

Photos of Ellis Island Immigrants and Early 20th Century Williamsburg, Brooklyn:

Please click here to access a map of New York City:

Please click here to read author Betty Smith’s info:

K-W-P-L Chart about Brooklyn/NYC in the Early 20th Century:

Video of NYC and Immigrants in the Early 20th Century:

Character List (Document and Website):

Vocabulary List By Chapter:

Vocabulary Flashcards/Soundbites Online:

Grammar Assignments:

Chapter Questions Book 1:

Chapter Questions Book 2:

Chapter Questions Book 3:

Writing Response- Write the Ending Assignment:

Writing Response- Theme and Symbolism:

Assignment Packet (FULL):

Click here for a complete list of all literary elements and techniques:

Quote Interpretation Assignment:

Personality Characterization Assignment:

Article About Bullying:

The Legend of Bloody Mary:

New Year’s Resolution Writing Assignment:

Thanksgiving Assignment:

Personality Characterization Project:

Word Types, Forms, and Suffixes:

“On Being Seventeen, Bright, and Unable to Read:”

Halloween Assignment:

Facebook Assignment:

Time Capsule Assignment:

Journal Questions: MP1:

Persuasion Project:

  • Please click below for an example of successful commercials that attempted to persuade their audience to buy a PRODUCT (in these cases, an iPod and an iPad):
  • iPod commercial
  • iPad commercial
  • Please click below for an example of a successful public service announcement that attempted to persuade its audience to buy an IDEA / INFORMATION (that you shouldn’t do drugs):
  • Anti-Drugs Commercial

Class Syllabus / Expectations / Procedures: