HW: Due 5-22-13

  • Finish your persuasive paragraph about “The Guest” and your stance on existentialism.  This follows the same rules as previous writing assignments since January.  You  must include:
    • Your personal stance on existentialism OR an opposing ideology (Determinism, Fatalism, Organized Religion, Structuralism, etc.) you support.
    • A brief reference to the validity/merit of the opposing point...Read More »

HW: Due 5-20-13

  • Finish “Critical Writing Response” on pg. 123 #1-3 if you haven’t already.
  • Generate 3 additional themes for “The Guest” in addition to the following:
    • Isolation
    • Freedom can be daunting/frightening
    • What else (3 more)?
  • On a separate sheet of paper, make a T-chart of what you like/support, and what you...Read More »

Independent Reading Assignment: All Assignments Due and Presented on Final Exam Day!

HW: Due 5-16-13

  • Complete “Identifying Facts” #1-3 and “Interpreting Meanings” #1-5 (pg. 123) on a separate sheet of paper from the book “Modern World Literature” about the existentialist story we read last class,  “The Guest.”
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HW: Due 5-10-13

  • Write 6 sentences about AP exams and/or this upcoming summer with partner using the MOST UNKNOWN/DIFFICULT preposition combinations with adjectives and verbs from “Unit E: Preposition Combinations” pg. A21. (These sentences will be graded according to the normal rules of mechanics).
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HW: Due 5-6-13

  • Complete “Preposition Combinations” packet Exercises 23, 24, and 20 (pgs. a23 and 228).
  • UPDATE: Your cultural narrative is due NO LATER than next Wednesday, 5/8/13!
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HW: Due 5-2-13

  • Study for the WW Quiz on the words from Chapter 6.  It will be in the usual multiple choice format.
  • Don’t forget the cultural narrative (see below!)
...Read More »

ATTENTION: Cultural Narrative is due next Wednesday, May 8!!

...Read More »

HW: Due 4-29-13

  • Complete Wordly Wise Chapter 6A-6E activities on a separate sheet of paper.
...Read More »

HW: Due 4-25-13

  • Write 7 sentences equivalent in structure to those posted here on a separate sheet of paper: SAT Grammar Review
...Read More »

ONLINE LEARNING: Due by 9 pm tonight, 4-16-13

  • Please send me a typed, bulleted “brainstorming” list comparing and...Read More »

HW: Due 4-4-13

  • Finish your 4-Square Worksheet for your compare and contrast essay.  You can type and print it out if you prefer.  Click here for the blank electronic document: Four Square Writing Worksheet-BLANK
  • If you are going to VANAS, please submit the 4-Square Worksheet along with your essay at the...Read More »

"Catcher in the Rye" Themes, Symbolism, and Writing Assignment


...Read More »

HW for Spring Break

  • None- enjoy your vacation!!!
...Read More »

HW: Due 3-15-13

  • None- relax!!!
...Read More »

HW: Due 3-13-13

  • Finish reading “Catcher in the Rye” to the end if you haven’t already.
  • Complete Worldly Wise #5A-5E on a separate sheet of paper if you haven’t already.
...Read More »

Assignment for Hugo Chavez "En Luto" Days:

  • UPDATE: For the 3 days off, you will be working with Worldy Wise words, but if you did not bring your Worldy Wise book home, here you can access the words from Chapter 5: Worldly Wise Book 11 Chapter 5 Flashcards.
  • Read the following document of quotes and choose a quote you...Read More »

HW: 3-7-13

  • Read pages 141-166 of “Catcher in the Rye” and be prepared for a quiz.
...Read More »

HW: Due 3-5-13

  • Read “Catcher in the Rye” up to page 141 and be prepared for a quiz at the start of next class.
  • IF you are not going to be here, please check this website for updates.
...Read More »

HW: Due 2-29-13

  • Study for the WW test on Chapters 2-4.
  • Complete the paragraph on any topic/theme related to “Catcher in the Rye” using any 6 WW words from Chapters 2-4 (this is review for the test).  This will not be graded for the usual (mechanics, repetition, etc.)- only for correct use...Read More »

HW: Due 2-27-13

  • Read “Catcher” pgs. 100-122 up to Chapter 17 (be prepared for a quiz).
  • Complete Worldly Wise 4D & 4E on a separate sheet of paper.
...Read More »

HW: Due 2-25-13

  • Read up to page 88 in “Catcher in the Rye” if you haven’t already and be prepared to take a quiz on it next class.
  • Generate 3 main themes/topics relating to what we have read so far in “Catcher in the Rye” (pg. 1-88).
  • Complete your paragraph based on...Read More »

HW: Due 2-21-13

  •  Complete Worldly Wise Chapters 4A-4C on a separate sheet of paper.
...Read More »

HW: Due 2-19-12

  • Read Chapters 6-8 pgs. 40-58 and be prepared for a quiz.
...Read More »

HW: due 2-15-13

  • Please read “The Catcher in the Rye” Chapter 3 pgs. 16-26 and be prepared to take a quiz about it.
...Read More »

HW: Due 2-13-13

  • Write a handwritten, structured paragraph on a separate sheet of paper  (you will be graded for errors) about ONE of the following topics/themes from the movie “Life Is Beautiful:”:
    • The way you perceive a situation can change your view of reality and your behavior towards it
    • It’s important to cherish/make...Read More »

HW: Due 2-7-13

  • Finish Wordly Wise 3A to 3E if you haven’t already!
  • Write a careful paragraph (this will be graded for accuracy) based on the two texts: the “Tiger Mom” article and “Two Kinds” from “Elements of Literature.”  Paragraph topics to choose from are as follows (please choose ONE):

HW: Due 1-30-13

  • NONE- be ready for ERB test tomorrow!!!
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HW: Due 1-28-13

  • Study for the Worldly Wise quiz on the words from Chapter 2.
  • Finish reading “Tiger Moms: Is Tough Parenting Really the Answer?” and be prepared to discuss and write about it immediately in class.
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HW: Due 1-24-13

  • Finish your paragraphs if you haven’t already about identity.  Make sure you follow the guidelines discussed in class.
  • Finish WW 2C-2E and be ready to hand in along with 2A & 2B if you haven’t already.
...Read More »

"Tiger Moms: Is Tough Parenting Really the Answer?"

  • Click here to read the article

...Read More »

HW: Due 1-22-13

  • Complete Worldly Wise activities 2C, 2D, & 2E on a separate sheet of paper (one activity per page- can be double-sided), staple with 2A & 2B, and be ready to hand in on this day.
...Read More »

Winter Break Assignment

  • Finish reading “In the Time of the Butterflies” by  January 11th
  • There will be a test on the last third of the novel on Friday, January 11th
  • There will be a creative writing assignment and project relating to the novel that I will explain when we...Read More »


Final Exam Guidelines

The semester final exam will be composed of:

  1. One essay: involving reading response, plot analysis, character analysis, comparison/contrast, critique, and/or interpretation of the novel- there will be 2 options/topics to choose from.
    • This will be graded according to content
  2. One paragraph: descriptive writing involving interpretation of a...Read More »

HW: Due 12-10-12

  • None:  Breathe!
...Read More »

HW: Due 12-6-12

  • None- breathe!
...Read More »

HW: Due 12-4-12

  • Finish comprehension questions for Chapter 8 if you haven’t already.  DECEMBER 4TH WILL BE THE LAST DAY TO TURN IN ALL COMPREHENSION...Read More »

Vocabulary for Quiz: Chapters 5-8

...Read More »

HW: Due 11-30-12

  • Read all of Chapter 8 and be prepared to take a quiz on the chapter in class.
...Read More »

HW: Due 11-28-12

  • Finish reading Chapter 7 and be prepared to take a quiz on the chapter.
...Read More »

HW: Due 11-23-12

  • Complete the vocab worksheet for the yellow highlighted words from Chapters 6-7 (full assignments with words available in a previous post).
...Read More »

HW: Due 11-21-12

Longest Word in the English Language

  • “Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis”
  • Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, “a factitious word alleged to mean ‘a lung disease caused by the inhalation of very fine silica dust, causing inflammation in the lungs.'”
  • A condition meeting the word’s definition is normally called silicosis.
  • It occurs chiefly as an instance of a very long word.
  • The 45-letter word was coined as...Read More »

HW: Due 11-21-12

  • Pick your best/favorite journal entry that you’ve written this school year, and write in a formal paragraph with richer vocabulary and your own “voice,” and turn it in.  It should be:
    • Typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 13-point font
    • Printed out BEFORE the start of my class.
    • Between 130 and 170 words (if you write more, I won’t...Read More »

HW: Due 11-19-12

  • Finish ALL work related to Chapter 5 of “In the Time of the Butterflies:” the vocabulary AND the comprehension questions.  It can be handwritten or typed and printed.
  • Read Chapter 6.
...Read More »

In the Time of the Butterflies- Full Assignment- Chapters 5-8

...Read More »

HW: Due 11-13-12

...Read More »

HW: Due 11-9-12

  • Finish the Comprehension Questions for Chapter 4 that we worked on in class.  Make sure you answer them correctly and thoroughly as this will be a quiz grade.
  • Complete the Vocabulary worksheet for all vocab words up to Chapter 4 and be ready...Read More »

HW: Due 11-7-12

  • Read Chapter 4 of “The Time of the Butterflies” pgs. 44-59.
  • Be prepared to take a quiz on the chapter.
...Read More »

In the Time of the Butterflies- Full Assignments- Chapters 2-4

...Read More »

HW: Due 11-5-12

  • Complete the section of the Vocab Worksheet-Template using the vocabulary from Chapter 2 (document included in the previous post).
  • You should have 8 words total.
...Read More »

HW: Due 11-1-12

...Read More »

In the Time of the Butterflies- Response Questions

...Read More »

In the Time of the Butterflies- Vocabulary

...Read More »

In the Time of the Butterflies- Character List Complete

...Read More »

HW: Due 10-24-12

  • Read “In the Time of the Butterflies” by Julia Alvarez Chapter 1 pgs. 3-10 and be prepared to answer questions about it in class
...Read More »

Videos: "In the Time of the Butterflies" by Julia Alvarez

...Read More »

HW: Due 10-22-12

...Read More »

HW: Due 10-18-12

  • Read the remaining two newspaper articles about the Venezuelan 2012 election that you and your group did not read and be prepared to answer detailed questions about them in class.
...Read More »

Links to Articles about Chavez Pre-and-Post Election


  1. Make ALL edits to your essay for your final grade (this grade will be worth a lot so please work meticulously!) and email to me by Friday, October 12 at the following email: amylingen80 @ yahoo . com
  2. Complete a Peer-Self-Editing...Read More »

HW: Due 9-26-12

  • If you haven’t already, finish reading “Chapter 4:  Of Their Traffic” from the book “Utopia” and complete the Comprehension Questions for the chapter in your journals.  Please write the number and name of the chapter- you don’t have to copy the questions.
  • Click here to...Read More »


...Read More »

HW: Due 9-24-12

  • Read Chapter 4 “Of Their Traffic” and then Chapter 1 “Of Their Towns, Particularly of Amaurot” from Sir Thomas More’s “Utopia” (text is also available on the website link shown below).  Be prepared to answer questions about it in the next class.
  • Make sure you are underlining or highlighting all...Read More »

"Utopia" by Sir Thomas More

...Read More »

HW: Due 9-17-12

  • Continue working on your “Dream World” Essay so that it is ready to be handed in completely by Wednesday, September 19.
  • Please make sure it is:
    • Typed
    • Times New Roman Font
    • Size 13 font
    • Double-spaced
    • 2.5 cm margins
    • At least 2 pages or 700 words
  • Also make sure it follows the...Read More »

HW: Due 9-6-12

  • Complete a Four Square Writing Worksheet about your “Dream World Essay” based on what you brainstormed in class today.
  • Make sure you have included your 10 descriptive adjectives that were synonyms of more basic adjectives that you found using a thesaurus.  Please highlight these words.
...Read More »

HW: Due 8-31-12

  • Please read all 7 ERB student essays and “grade” each one using the rubric I gave you, from a score of 1-6.
  • Using the sample student essay and the ERB rubric I gave you, on a separate sheet of paper please write the following: 1) one reason why you like EACH...Read More »

Homework: Due 8-29-12

Complete and print out the following worksheet.  You can either TYPE the answers or print it first and then handwrite it.  Where it says “circle” things, you must still circle things MANUALLY:

...Read More »

Facebook Assignment

...Read More »

Syllabus and Technology Contract

Please sign and have one of your parents/guardians sign also:

...Read More »

Writing Assignment: "My Dream World"

...Read More »

Quote Interpretation Assignment

Here is the document template you use to complete your quote interpretation assignment:

Here is the complete list of quotes to choose from.  Normally, one of these quotes will be listed on the board, but some days you can choose a quote:

...Read More »

All About Me Writing Assessment

...Read More »

Getting to Know You Questionnaire

This is due next class session:

...Read More »

Class Syllabus: World Literature (11th Grade)

...Read More »

Welcome to Ms. Lingenfelter's World Literature Class!

We’re going to have an AWESOME, INFORMATIVE, CREATIVE, and FUN school year!

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