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Gecko Express: Official Newsletter of CIPLC

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Caribbean Chronicle Assignment & Timeline: Last Issue

  • Student Newspaper Assignments- Last Issue
  • First drafts of ALL assignments due NO EXCEPTIONS: End of class on Wednesday, May 15, 2013
  • Final drafts due and emailed to me with photos: End of class on Friday, May 17th, 2013
  • Layout due: Monday, May 27th, 2013
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HW: Due 5-3-13: Traveling Cultural Personal Narrative

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CARIBBEAN CHRONICLE: Issue March-April 2013

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ONLINE LEARNING: Due by 9 pm tonight, 4-15-13

  • Please complete at least half of your Cultural and Traveling Personal Narrative that is due next Thursday, April 25th.
  • If you haven’t already, please send me your bulleted list comparing and contrasting your home country with at least ONE other country as well as the complete chart.  You can...Read More »

Caribbean Chronicle Assignment & Timeline: Seventh Issue

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Assignment: Cultural and Traveling Personal Narrative (Due April 25th)

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CARIBBEAN CHRONICLE: Issue February 2013

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Assignment for Hugo Chavez "En Luto" Days:

  • Finish the first draft of ALL your Caribbean Chronicle Assignments for the 6th issue and EMAIL me EVERYTHING before next Tuesday morning (assignments outlined in the post below).
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Caribbean Chronicle Assignment & Timeline: Sixth Issue

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CARIBBEAN CHRONICLE: Issue December-January 2013

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Caribbean Chronicle Assignment & Timeline: Fifth Issue

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Caribbean Chronicle Assignment & Timeline: Fourth Issue

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Winter Break Assignment

  • Read the posting below about deadlines (specifically, the final draft of your creative writing assignment and the first draft of your Caribbean Chronicle Assignments).  These will all be due on Friday, January 11th after we return from break.
  • If I were...Read More »

Caribbean Chronicle Assignment & Timeline: Third Issue

  • Make sure the FINAL DRAFT of your creative short story, narrative, or poem is completed by the end of class on Tuesday, December 11.  (I will edit it with you in class on that day).
  • Final Caribbean Chronicle publishing date:  THURSDAY, JANUARY 31 
  • Student Newspaper Assignments- Third Issue

Caribbean Chronicle- Issue November 2012 (PDF version) ...Read More »

HW: Due 12-3-12

  • Please email me the FINAL DRAFT of ALL your teacher-corrected Caribbean Chronicle articles/ documents to me with the accompanying photos to my First Class email (amy . lingenfelter @ ciplc . org) by the beginning of class on Monday, 12-3-12.
  • Email format: “Name- Type of Article” in the subject line
  • Please include the FINAL DRAFT...Read More »

HW: Due 11-27-12

  • Complete first draft of ALL your Caribbean Chronicle assignments AND submissions (most should be typed, printed out, and double-spaced, ready to hand in).
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Longest Word in the English Language

  • “Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis”
  • Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, “a factitious word alleged to mean ‘a lung disease caused by the inhalation of very fine silica dust, causing inflammation in the lungs.'”
  • A condition meeting the word’s definition is normally called silicosis.
  • It occurs chiefly as an instance of a very long word.
  • The 45-letter word was coined as...Read More »

Student Newspaper Assignments and Timeline: Second Issue


  • ArtistSebastian
  • CIPLC & Local NewsDaniel
  •  Current Events EditorialSebastian
  • EditorialMelissa & Alfredo
  • PublicityBaylee
  • Agenda–  Daniel Finco
  • Classifieds Not this issue
  • Sports Baylee...Read More »

HW: 11-12-12

  • Finish the “How to Write a Sports Story” worksheet (and read the rest) in addition to the weekly newspaper article.
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HW: Due 11-7-12

  • Please make manual edits to YOUR section of the Caribbean Chronicle and place in Mr. Lemoine’s mailbox by NO LATER than tomorrow, 11-7-12 before 4th block!  Feel free to comment on any aspects you want, such as layout/formatting, spelling, grammar, mechanics, etc.
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How to Write a Sports Story

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CP: 10-29-12

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HW: Due by today 10/23 @ 8 pm

  • Please email me the final draft of your Caribbean Chronicle articles/ documents to me with the accompanying photos to my First Class email (amy . lingenfelter @ ciplc . org) by tonight at 8 pm
  • Email format: “Name- Type of Article” in the subject line
  • Please include the FINAL DRAFT of the article AND the...Read More »

HW: Due 10-19-12

  • Make the corrections to the first draft of your “Pirates” review and turn in a final typed, printed copy to me with the first draft stapled to the back.
  • Make the corrections to your “Caribbean Chronicle” assignment  and turn in a final typed, printed copy to me with the first...Read More »


Please click below for an example of successful commercials that attempted to persuade their audience to buy a PRODUCT (in these cases, an iPod and an iPad):

Please click below for an example of a successful public service announcement that attempted to persuade its audience to...Read More »

HW: Due 10-17-12

  • Read the remaining two newspaper articles about the Venezuelan 2012 election that you and your group did not read and be prepared to answer detailed questions about them in class.
  • Also complete a WWWWH worksheet based on the editorial article only.
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Links to Articles about Chavez Pre-and-Post Election


How to Write a Print Advertisement

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HW: Due 9-27-12

  • Complete the FIRST DRAFT of your newspaper writing assignment.  This should be the assignment that involves writing an actual article, as opposed to an assignment like agenda, photography, etc.
  • We will use the next class time to peer-edit, discuss...Read More »

HW: Due 9-25-12

  • #1: Make final corrections to the editorial returned to you in class on Thursday, 9-20-12.  Make sure it is in the typed format (Times New Roman, double-spaced, etc.)
  • #2: The usual newspaper article summary.  This time, you can choose any type of article, but please CHOOSE ONE YOU HAVEN’T READ BEFORE...Read More »

HW: Due 9-20-12

  • Finish writing your review of “Pirates of the Caribbean” (first movie).  
  • (Remember to make this review double-spaced, Times New Roman, Size 12-13).
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My Movie Review of "Lost in Translation" (2003)

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HW: Due 9-7-12

  • Find a review of the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” (the first one), print, and bring to class.
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"How to Write" Guidelines

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HW: Due 9-5-12

  • Please make corrections to/write the FINAL DRAFT of both your Human Interest Article and your Straight News Article.  Both should be typed, in their final format.  IF the article is already in newspaper style column format, that is OK.  If not, please submit it typed,...Read More »

Student Newspaper Assignment Topics

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HW: Due 9-3-12

CP: 8-30-12

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HW: Due 8-30-12

  • Write an objective, straight news article for what happened to me last night:
  • Make sure your article conforms to the following criteria:
  • Does it have a strong headline?
  • Does it have a strong lead?  What kind of lead does it have?
  • Does it present the 5 W’s in the first few paragraphs?  Are the...Read More »

Topics for Editorial Story

Please choose ONE topic from the following list to write your editorial.  Before writing, brainstorm at least 10 reasons why you feel the way you do about this topic:

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What Makes Something Newsworthy

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How to Write a Newspaper Lead

These websites offer great tips for writing leads:

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Class Assignment 8/28/12

  • Read about and practice writing leads
  • Write a “Straight News Story” (informative, factual, objective) about an event (not a person) that happened to you, someone you know, or that you witnessed.  It CAN be made-up, but this will be VERY hard to do so I...Read More »

HW: 8-24-12 (Due Tuesday 8-28-12)

  • Complete Newspaper Article Assignment.  
  • Can be typed- please email it to me before the day if so
  • Please choose the type of article for which  you have been assigned to the student newspaper.
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Newspaper/Magazine Article Weekly Assignment

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Syllabus and Technology Contract

Please sign and have one of your parents/guardians sign also:

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Quote Interpretation Assignment

Here is the document template you use to complete your quote interpretation assignment:

Here is the complete list of quotes to choose from.  Normally, one of these quotes will be listed on the board, but some days you can choose a quote:

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All About Me Writing Assessment

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Getting to Know You Questionnaire

This is due next class session:

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Class Syllabus: Journalism (12th Grade)

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Welcome to Ms. Lingenfelter's Journalism Class!

We’re going to have an AWESOME, INFORMATIVE, CREATIVE, and FUN school year!

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