Please complete this worksheet for the vocabulary words before you watch the video:

Please watch this link:

  • Video: Growth vs. Fixed Mindset
  • In your notebooks, please answer the following questions about the video.  You do not have to write the question, but please answer in complete sentences:
    • What is the main different between growth and fixed mindset?
    • (The difference between growth and fixed mindset is __________.)
    • What are 3 characteristics of 1) growth and 2) fixed mindset (6 total):
    • (3 characteristics of growth mindset are ______, ______, and ______.  3 characteristics of fixed mindset are ______, _______, and ________.)
    • What are 2 examples of what you should say to yourself instead?
    • (2 examples of what I should say to myself instead are ___________.)
  • Write a fixed mindset statement about your life and change it into a growth mindset.  For example:
    • (Fixed Mindset: “I’m not good at English.”   Growth Mindset: “I can get better at English if I pay attention and do my work in English class.”)