1. Finish the final draft of your compare/contrast essay and email to me by no later than Thursday, December 1, at midnight.

2. Read and complete textbook pgs. 217-224, Exercises 32, 33, 35, & 37 on sentence structure: there + be, sentence fragments, run-on sentences, comma splices, and subject-verb agreement that we started in class.  PLEASE COMPLETE ON A SEPARATE SHEET OF PAPER (I will COLLECT it in class next Tuesday).

3. Choose a topic to classify based on one of your choice and write a 6-paragraph classification essay (with 4 categories of classification) on this topic.  Your essay can be funny and opinionated like the essay we read in class, “A Reading Wasteland” pgs. 135-136, or it can be more serious, scientific, and factual.  NOTE: You don’t have to do a 4-Square, but if you would like to complete one to help you or if you want my feedback before you write the essay, please feel free to do so.  Please email me the first draft of your essay by no later than Sunday at midnight, 12/4/11.