1.  Choose ONE TOPIC from the following list of writing topics and write a  paragraph about the topic using the following components correctly:

  • Topic sentence containing a topic and controlling idea (that is not too general and not too specific)
  • At least 3 supporting sentences with some examples
  • A concluding sentence

Please email your first draft to me in the “Name-Paragraph of Choice-FIRST DRAFT” format by Thursday 9/15 at midnight.  Then I will email you your corrections by Sunday 9/18 at midnight.  You will email me your final draft before class next Tuesday, 9/20.

2. TOPIC 2: INTRODUCING THE PARAGRAPH- TITLE, FORM, UNITY, and COHERENCE:  Please read the textbook pages 13-17: (Chapter 1) and complete the following:

  • Exercise 9 #1-2 (pg. 13)
  • Exercise 10 #1-3 (pg. 13)
  • Exercise 12 #1-2 (pg. 15)
  • Exercise 13 #1-2 (pgs. 16-17)
3.    Please complete on the computer the following worksheet and email it to me by Sunday, 9/18 at midnight.  To make selections, you can underline and bold parts of the document.  Inwill email you the corrections before next week’s class: