1.  TOPIC 3: NARRATIVE WRITING:  Please read the textbook pages 29-34: (Chapter 2) and complete the following:

  • Exercise 1 #1-6 (pg. 31)
  • Exercise 2 #1-5 (pg. 31)
  • Exercise 3 #1-4 (pgs. 32-34)

2.  A PICTURE TELLS 1,000 WORDS (WRITE A NARRATIVE PARAGRAPH): Find a photograph from a time in your life or an important event that you want to write about and bring it into class.  Write a narrative paragraph describing the events surrounding this photograph in detail in time order (from beginning to end).  What happened before, during, and immediately after that photo was taken?  What story can you tell from that photo?  Make sure it is AT LEAST 175 words and includes an appropriate topic sentence, supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence.  This is due via email NO LATER than SATURDAY 9/24 at NOON.