1. Add at least 4 new “When/Time Order” Transition Words to your narrative paragraphs from the list provided (Transition Word List 5).

2. Make final corrections to your narrative paragraphs and email me the final draft by Thursday 9/29 at midnight.  Please include the photo on the document if you can.

3. Complete Peer Editing Worksheet (3) for the errors from your narrative paragraph.   If you are not sure what type of error you made, put it in “Other/Miscellaneous.”  If you know the reason/rule, please write it.  If you do not, you can leave it blank.  I will provide the rule later if I can.  If you did not make that kind of error, please write “none.”

4. Complete Transition-Word-Practice Worksheet using “When/Time Order” Transition Words and email to me.

5. Complete textbook page 40, Exercises 10 & 11.