Watch the video about Venezuela from the October break assignment if you haven’t already and and write a paragraph answering the following questions:

  • Based on your personal experiences, do you think that the portrayal of Venezuela in the video you watched was accurate and/or biased?  Why or why not?
  • Did the election take place as you and family/friends expected?  Why or why not?
  •  What do you think of the recent Venezuelan election results?
  • What implications do the results have for Venezuela, the world, the Puerto La Cruz region in particular, your OWN life, and the conditions portrayed in the video you watched?
  • How do the conditions portrayed in the video relate to what you have learned in this class so far? Relate at least 2 conditions.
  • How does the Venezuelan election compare to what you have learned in this class so far?  Cite at least 3 things you have learned.