• Based on the movie version you watched of “Pit and the Pendulum,” answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper.  You will NOT be graded for mechanics, only content:
      1. What did you like about the scenes you saw?  What did you dislike?  Explain why or why not and provide concrete examples.
      2. How do these scenes compare to the original story you read?  What is similar and what is different?
      3. Generate 5 questions you have about the story “Pit and the Pendulum,” anything that comes to your mind that you didn’t understand and need clarification about.
      4.   Generate 2 things you liked and 2 things you disliked about story.
  • Generate at least 3 major themes from the story that could relate to writing topics about a future paragraph.  BE READY TO WRITE THIS PARAGRAPH WITHIN A 40-MINUTE PERIOD DURING NEXT CLASS.