By Friday 11/4 @ midnight:

1. Complete and email me your 4-Square worksheet for your descriptive essay if you haven’t already BEFORE you write your body paragraphs.

2. Write the 3 or 4 body paragraphs of your descriptive essay using 5 of your descriptive adjectives and at least 3 more.  Please email to me by Friday night 11/4/11 and I will email you the corrections.  (Remember, in your essay, you can describe your favorite place using the past tense form, OR your ideal/dream place, house, car, world, or anything using “would + be + adjective” and “would + verb infinitive” form).

By next Tuesday 11/8 @ midnight:

3. Textbook- Parallel Structure: Read pgs. 226-227 and complete Exercises 40-41

4. Textbook- Consistency of Verb Tenses: Read pgs. 236-238 and complete Exercises 53-55.  I WILL BE LOOKING FOR PARALLEL AND CONSISTENT WRITING IN YOUR DESCRIPTIVE ESSAY BODY PARAGRAPHS.

5. Complete your midterm corrections and email them to me if you haven’t already.