You can complete this Quiz #1 EN031 Fall Semester 2011 either at home and email it to me, OR you can complete it on the same day you take the midterm.  Either way, I need to have the quiz by the end of next Tuesday’s class, 10-18-11.  The quiz will be 20 points and worth 10% of your midterm grade.  The quiz will be on the following topics:

  • Components of a well-written paragraph (list them)
  • Writing topic sentences (write one based on a paragraph I give you)
  • Supporting sentences/details/examples (write two based on a topic sentence I give you)
  • Concluding sentences (write one based on a paragraph I give you)
  • Regular and irregular verb tenses for present simple, past simple, past progressive/continuous, & used to/would (fill in the blanks)
  • Time prepositions including adverbials (fill in the blanks)
  • Time-order transition words (fill in the blanks)
  • Word form suffixes for changing a word from a verb to a noun (fill in the blanks)

 For the midterm, you will be asked to write either 1) A paragraph about a topic from a list of 5 choices or 2) A narrative paragraph from a list of 3 choices.  You be graded based on the writing rubric we’ve used in class and everything we covered in class or did online, including grammar (topics are listed above).  The midterm writing assignment will 80 points and worth 50% of your midterm grade.

To prepare for the midterm and quiz, you can read the following documents: