1.  When you open my corrected essay, there might be a yellow line at the top that says “Enable Editing.”  MAKE SURE YOU PRESS THIS BOX CALLED “ENABLE EDITING” so that you can make your own changes to the document.  If you do NOT do this, you will not be able to write in or save your updated assignment.

2.  When I send you your corrected essays, they will have “bubbles” on the right side pointing you to things that I DELETED. Anything written in red are things I ADDED.

3.  It would be helpful to print out or keep open on your computer screen the FIRST draft of your essay, and COMPARE it to the new document with changes I made, especially as you are getting used to this new format.

4.  To make changes to your essay and write in normal black letters, click on Review > Track Changes. Sometimes you will have to hit it more than once so that any changes you make will be normal and BLACK instead of a new red correction.  If you want to view my corrections in different ways, please follow these instructions:


  • “Review” > (then)
  • “Track Changes” > (then)
  • “Show Markup” > (then)
  • “Balloons” > (then)
  • “Show Revisions in Balloons” (to see what was deleted in bubbles on the right side) OR
  • “Show All Revisions Inline” (to see all my corrections IN the document, including what I deleted crossed out)

5.  In the future, you will have to correct things a bit differently, and/or I will not give you all the answers. I will give you less answers as the class goes on.