You will have to write an essay of at least 175 words choosing from 1 of the 5 essay types we covered this semester:

  1. “All About Me” (Autobiography)
  2. Narrative Essay
  3. Descriptive Essay
  4. Compare/Contrast Essay
  5. Classification Essay

Also, during the week of December 6- December 13 you will complete a take-home grammar quiz (click here: Quiz #2 EN031 Fall Semester 2011) based on the grammar we covered the second half of the semester.  The quiz will cover the following grammar topics:

  1. Parallel/Consistent Writing
  2. Articles (“the” vs. “a” vs. “nothing”)
  3. Word forms (noun, verb, adjective, adverb forms of the same word base/root)
  4. Comparatives/Superlatives
  5. Sentence fragments
  6. Run-on sentences
  7. Comma splices
  8. Transition words for comparing-contrasting
  9. Verb-Adjective + preposition combinations

You can bring the following things with you to the final exam:

  1. English dictionaries (or you can use online versions)
  2. Bilingual dictionaries, book or electronic form (do NOT use Google Translate)
  3. Any essays, worksheets, reference sheets, homework, etc. that you’ve completed in this class
  4. References from my website
  5. The class textbook
  6. NOTE: You can type the final exam in Microsoft Word (preferred).  If you don’t type, I will print out a few extra copies of the exam for you to write on.
  7. ALSO NOTE: You will NOT be allowed to use Google Translate in any way, shape, or form.  If you do this, you will automatically fail the course and not advance a level.